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Emerging social network – via license plates?

Imagine being able to automatically check in at a car rental site just by driving in the gates or receiving rewards coupons for parking in the lot of a retail store you frequent. hopes to bring these idea to reality starting this holiday season. WIRED explains founder, Mitchell Thrower’s concept, ” A new social networking tool is trying to turn your vehicle’s license plate into an all-in-one identifier that acts as an E-mail address, phone number, shopping rewards card and even an IP address.”

Read more about’s license plate recognition technology here.

Google Alerts: Keeping you in the know

Small business owners don’t have enough hours in a day to run their business, let alone keep track of industry news and trends all while keeping a keen eye on their competition. Enter Google Alerts. This handy service practically does the work for you, leaving you to focus on managing your business.

Google Alerts not only lets you decide what topics to track, what kinds of content to track (News, Blogs, Web, Video, or Comprehensive ), how often you want to receive them and then compiles it all into a list sent to your email. Simply enter the terms you’d like to receive alerts about and then add your e-mail address.

For those just getting started with Google alerts, here are some tips and tricks.

Walmart: Your New Mobile Carrier

The other day while driving to a client and listening to NPR I heard an interesting story, “Walmart is getting into the wireless service business.”  Walmart says that they will begin offering mobile plans, to run on T-Mobile’s network, focusing on helping families stay connected while saving money.  But wait there’s something you smartphone users should know!  Data plans will come at a premium.

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Where to Recycle Electronics and How to Do it Responsibly

We receive numerous calls from our clients and even the general public about how to dispose of electronics. Whether it be a concern for safely disposing of the hazardous materials computer equipment can house or a concern for one’s privacy and security contained in old hard drives, many people don’t know how to go about recycling their equipment. With a surge in green living, recycling and aiding the environment, we want to help you make the best decision when it comes to being a responsible.

Best Buy is currently supporting a Greener Together e-cycle program that offers free recycling of various equipment regardless of brand, age or where it was purchased. Simply bring in the used electronics to the store to have the equipment safely disposed. Continue reading

Greystone annual BBQ – August 2010

As an annual tradition, Greystone hosts a summer barbecue for clients, associates, friends and family. This year, we had a great turnout at Wash Park. The weather was beautiful. The food was excellent. Music, lawn games and much laughing followed. Here are some of our favorite pictures from the day. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Greystone Technology Group BBQ - Peter & Byron

Peter & Byron

Greystone Technology Group BBQ - Scott, Matthew, Dominik
Scott, Matthew & Dominik

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