Leadership Team

Our mission to redefine IT services starts and ends with the team we assemble. We’ve worked to create a team that understands that perfecting the service model doesn’t always mean doing what is easy, or most convenient, and that it takes a mindset shift from the norm. Finding new ways to achieve and measure excellence means the ongoing development of every person on our team, starting with the leadership. It doesn’t take more than about 5 minutes inside the walls of Greystone for people to be surprised that we’ve pulled this group of personalities together to run an IT company. We are intentional about our personal and professional development so being part of Greystone requires a willingness to challenge and be challenged. See more of what is going on behind the scenes.

Peter Melby, President

Peter’s career here began before Greystone existed (and even before he had a drivers license) when he hopped the back fence at his parents’ house, walked to his first and only ever job interview, and landed a support outsourcing job as a high school student. “I had no business having that job at that age but I made the most of it”, Peter says. With a knack for earning trust and connecting with people, Peter spent a couple of years hearing all of the reasons people are at odds with their IT support situation. “I came to the conclusion that the IT support industry was fundamentally setup to fail the client”. Peter’s mission at Greystone is to lead the rally against the traditional service structure in the name of providing deeper impact in any way possible.

Derrick Kuhn, Partner- Web & Mobile Strategy

Derrick is the person at Greystone that is hardest to keep up with – both in energy and understanding the landscape of web and mobile technologies.  With a diverse background in both development and marketing, his strategic guidance gives both our team and our clients the advantage being first to understand and implement solutions. He thinks in statistics but speaks a language that gets everyone excited to find the untapped market possibilities.


David Stokes, VP Managed IT Services

Dave, (or “Pops” or “The most Interesting Man in IT”) brought grey hair to Greystone well before Greystone brought grey hair to the rest of us. Dave’s steadiness and loyalty is engaging for all staff, new and old, and serves as a key day to day connection into the purpose behind what we do. His oversight of our IT Management model has brought new levels of respect to what we do. As Greystone has transitioned through various seasons of business from a four person operation in 2007 through the ten-fold growth of recent years, Dave’s guidance has opened new doors and provided leadership direction for the continual stream of new team members.

Travis Hankins, Director of IT Consulting

Travis manages the always changing work of IT related projects. He and his team impact our entire client base by providing high level implementation expertise and technical direction, sometimes at 2 a.m. on a Saturday if it’s more beneficial for a client. Early on, we started to suspect Travis could do anything. When he couldn’t succeed at cloning himself, we gave him the much tougher task of building a team that could achieve similar results. The results speak for themselves as Greystone has charted new territory with his innovation both technically and culturally.

Trevor Brown, Northern Colorado IT Service Manager

Trevor was Greystone’s first team member outside of Denver. The 2010 launch of our Northern Colorado office was greatly boosted by bringing on a team member who already knows everyone in Northern Colorado and has an impeccable record of supporting local business with the mentality that has allowed us to provide services in Fort Collins that had not been previously available. The only questionable thing about Trevor is the goatee that is in significant violation of Byron’s grooming preferences and is often the subject of staff meeting threats.

Kaati Ross, Support Team Service Manager

Kaati started at Greystone Technology as a Service Coordinator and now leads and manages our Support Services team from Denver, which supports all clients from all regions. She believes keeping tech jargon to a minimum and engaging in down-to-earth communication with clients builds a seamless customer service experience. Further, she brings a refreshingly level-headed and instinctively helpful style that has made an immediate impact on our culture. She created the much coveted “Certificate of Superb Awesomeness” award and a themed potluck program that miraculously brings everyone to the office those days.

Matt Sanders, Boulder IT Service Manager

Matt took the reins of our Boulder operation in early 2012 and hasn’t looked back. Previously an off-shoot of the Denver office with more driving, Matt established Greystone’s home in Boulder and the surrounding locales. Matt is often the least visible member of our leadership team because his talents for client management and technology ensure there is no drama in our new Boulder office.

Bobby Sowder, Denver IT Service Manager

Bobby brings the maximum amount of “Texas” that we allow at Greystone. His large scale, but deep-relationship mentality brings a very personal, giving-oriented service approach not just to the clients he engages with, but also to his team who is succeeding in executing a service model that the industry has often dismissed as “too hard to scale”. We are proud to have broken that mold. Bobby is also the least embarrassing part of our basketball team.

Grant Garcia, Digital Marketing Manager

Grant has both the brilliance and persistence to discover, plan, and deliver actual marketing results.  Intolerance for the status quo and typical business bureaucracy means that Grant’s solutions and process get straight to the point.  SEO, paid advertising, and other digital marketing industries are notorious for great sales and follow through that is mediocre at best.  Grant is not a miracle worker.  He’s more cunning than that and he’ll run circles around anyone counting on “miracles” to increase their online engagement.

Christy Oliver, Design and Development Manager

As Greystone Technology began its shift in services based on market trends and customer demand, we needed someone with strong expertise in mobile app design and website development to lead. Christy’s previous experience with the company, coupled with a technical expertise and strong understanding of the mobile app market allows these two service lines to function seamlessly and deliver extreme value to our clients.


Angela Davenport, Business Operations Manager

A business as unique as Greystone requires operations oversight that is anything but standard.  Angela drives our business processes from our unique outlook on HR and employee development to our desire to replace bureaucracy with common sense.  She leads the charge to make Greystone feel like a smooth operation – even though we employ 50+ technical minds who tend to work in opposition.