Our Story & Vision

Business technology shouldn’t be painful.


Greystone exists because Peter and Jesse’s experiences with technology companies were terrible. It was hard enough running small businesses without the maddening experiences of IT service providers.

As more of their business became reliant on technology, Peter and Jesse grew increasingly frustrated. Despite the advances in technology, the model for delivering and supporting technology hadn’t changed much since the 1980’s. Companies that work in technology had a well-earned reputation for being cold, disconnected, and ineffective. Most of the technology companies Peter and Jesse interacted with loved the black and white nature of technology and ignored the complexity of the people and the business.

In 2001 Peter and Jesse set out to change how the whole thing worked. They knew that the best technology wasn’t worth a damn if it didn’t fit the business or the people. Working out of apartments and over beers at the Avenue Grill, they built Greystone, a technology services company that redefined what “technology services” meant. The concept was simple: Meaningful impact comes from understanding context. Understanding context comes from deep personal relationships. The company that gets the relationships right will get the solutions right.

Despite the industry experts who said the model couldn’t scale, the market has embraced how Greystone delivers technology services. Greystone has experienced 40% growth year over year for the past 12 years, driven almost entirely by referrals. Along the way Greystone has expanded from outsourced IT and applied the model to website development and digital marketing.

Not much has stayed the same over the past 15 years, but some things just don’t change. We still don’t have sales people. We still focus on relationships, context, and meaningful solutions before we think about the technology. We are still looking for new technology-driven industries that need redefining. And we still believe good beer and good friendships make for good business.