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iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo

I was thinking it would be great to compare the iPhone 4 (just making it’s debut) to the HTC Evo and wouldn’t you know it, someone has already beat me to it! A couple things I’d like to mention. I’ve seen a couple sources that state battery life on the HTC isn’t very good. […]

Identity Protection Companies Not Perfect

Remember those ads from LifeLock with the CEO displaying his social security number claiming they could protect clients from identity theft? You can check out the full story here.  Despite his promises of the security ofLifeLock, Todd Davis has had his identity stolen 13 times and was forced to step down as CEO. Use common sense with your personal […]

Warning: Old copy machines

As an IT consultant it takes a lot to surprise me when it comes to data breaches; however, this one got me. I know that copy machines are basically overgrown scanners with a printer attached but did you know that some machines buffer the pages you copy to an internal hard drive? Here’s the kicker […]

Google Chrome – Super Fast

The recently released beta version of Google Chrome’s browser has some handy features and is astonishingly fast for those who have a Google account. Chrome features allow you to sync settings and bookmarks between all the computers you might use. Chrome’s browser window is streamlined, clean and simple. You can also search and navigate from […]

iPhone applications for your computer?

I think the real reason for the success of the iPhone isn’t just the fact that anyone can learn to program applications for it, but that the phone offers some really incredible features. The feature that makes the iPhone really stand out is a user’s ability to easily find new applications via phone or within […]

Apple delivers electronic multi-tasking?

Well, sort of. Apple has been listening to its fan base and is now developing new firmware to allow select applications to run simultaneously, a first for smart-phone type products. While it’s not a full multi-tasking experience, the firmware allows some programs to do things in the background, however this pauses the whole program while […]