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Time to Ditch Your Passwords!

password Recently, Jimmy Kimmel’s team hit the streets to find out how secure people’s passwords really are… and the results are hilarious, and sort of disturbing! Password security is a big deal in today’s IoT (internet of things) world we find ourselves in… The IoT simply means that the majority of business and critical infrastructures of […]

Safe Surfing on Public WiFi

Here at Greystone, we support a very wide client base, ranging across all sorts of industries: construction, professional services, non-profits, education, banking, accounting and C.P.A. firms, software and technology, oil/gas and energy, municipalities, and even a golf course.  And on and on it goes. But there’s one thing that we all share in common these […]

Backup Solutions for Personal Use

By Daniel Ross, Technical Engineer All too often, people don’t realize the importance of having a good backup plan for all of their digital files until after suffering a massive data loss. While most companies have a backup that is automated for the users, such as Greystone’s Total Rescue offering, you may not have something at […]

Making Safe Purchases Online

by David Ferszt, IT Consultant As online purchasing is becoming more and more common, many people are being forced to pay by plastic and hope their information is safe. There are few things you should know to help protect yourself.  First, you should only make your purchases from a computer that you know does not have […]

TIP: Opt out of all tracking cookies

While it’s no secret that Greystone employees love their baked goods, we draw the line when it comes to a more obnoxious type of cookie – the online tracking variety. But wouldn’t you know it, tracking cookie companies – as a gesture of good faith – allow you to opt out of their tracking services. […]

5 tips for keeping your smartphone secure.

1. Set a password. Setting a strong password on your phone will keep thieves, borrowers, and anyone not approved to use your phone from accessing your personal information. A good default time for allowing the screen to auto-lock is around 5 minutes of inactivity. 2. Download updates for your phone. You’re probably used to seeing […]

Digital Age, Digital Identity: All there for companies to share

We all know about Facebook and their public struggles about sharing your private information. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only company under the spotlight.  Popular sites like Pandora, Yelp, Netflix, and every Angry Birds are dealing with the same issues. If you are the proud owner of a DROID or iPhone, odds are you are installing […]

Tis’ the Season….

If you are anything like me, you waited until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping. What does a person get for their non-tech savvy friends, or in my case, my parents. Luckily, there are a number of FREE tools out there to reduce your tech support calls from mom. For me, the biggest […] a 1.3Million User Database Hacked

Last weekend someone compromised the database for the Gawker Media family of websites. While they did encrypt the information stored in the database, they unfortunately didn’t do it right. Most encryption methods require something called a salt. Now a salt is like a master key that’s used to encrypt data so that it’s hard for someone to […]