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Security Bulletin: SyncCrypt Ransomware

  A new ransomware attack has been discovered this week. The SyncCrypt ransomware email is disguised as a court order and is difficult to detect as it pulls components for the attacks from seemingly harmless images when the attachment is opened. Currently, the attackers are charging around $430 for the decryption key and there is… Read more »

The Hidden Dangers Lurking in the Internet Connected Home

Two weeks ago, there was a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack that utilized 145,000 compromised security cameras and DVR’s to take down the security news website On Friday, October  21st, there was another DDoS attack targeting Dyn, a major DNS provider. This attack crippled many popular websites and services.  Details are still scarce,… Read more »

Outdated software on Healthcare IT Devices Introduce Increased Security Risk

Duo Security, a secure access platform provider, recently found a significant number of devices in the healthcare industry pose a security risk due to running outdated versions of Adobe Flash. Flash is a software programming platform for delivering web-based content and applications. In a study of over 250,000 devices including desktop computers, laptops and mobile… Read more »

Spear Phishing Whales – Thar She Blows!

“Spear Phishing” or “Whaling” is the latest scam that is targeting small and medium sized businesses, and it has nothing to do with the sport. Attackers garner information on accountants and executives from public sources to determine corporate structure and then write personalized emails that look like they are from a trusted source. They research… Read more »

Safe Surfing on Public WiFi

Here at Greystone, we support a very wide client base, ranging across all sorts of industries: construction, professional services, non-profits, education, banking, accounting and C.P.A. firms, software and technology, oil/gas and energy, municipalities, and even a golf course.  And on and on it goes. But there’s one thing that we all share in common these… Read more »