On Demand & Emergency Support

The same values and processes that have long been the foundation of TotalCare, our wildly successful managed IT services offering, are also available as needed in On Demand situations.

Hourly Service
Hourly services are provided by a dedicated On Demand service team focused on rapid response and complete issue remediation. These services are often useful for those who don’t need the full suite of management services provided by TotalCare but still need quality support for their IT infrastructure.

Emergency Service
We are ready to help when you are in a bind. We know that emergencies happen and we are structured to provide top-level support with near immediate response in most situations.

Pre-purchase Value
We value ongoing, forward-looking relationships and provide discounted rates for pre-payment of 10, 20 or 40 hour blocks of service. These hours never expire and can be used for any of our services.

Staffing Coverage
Your IT Staff, while incredible, are only human, too. They need a break, they get sick and they sometimes need to take a leave of absence. We can provide the coverage you need to keep your organization humming while they’re gone.