SharePoint Consulting & Development

SharePoint is a powerful tool for your business. But it isn’t always easy. Our Microsoft SharePoint consulting practice can help you understand how to use SharePoint to build and grow your business. Whether you are looking for tools to drive collaboration, intranets for corporate communications, or workflows to simplify and automate your business processes, we can help.

We can help you make sense of the features and benefits of SharePoint and leverage the platform to drive collaboration and efficiency in your organization.

  • SharePoint server management
    • SharePoint performance and security don’t have to be onerous. We provide managed SharePoint monitoring, maintenance, and security for SharePoint, so you never have to think about your SharePoint server and server farms.
  • Information architecture and governance
    • Organizing and protecting your data is a priority. We can make your information easy to find and ensure employees only have access to the files they need.
  • Custom Intranets
    • SharePoint excels at supporting HR and corporate communications. We can help you get the right information to the right groups in your organization with custom SharePoint Intranets.
  • Server migration
    • Cloud-based SharePoint and SharePoint with Office 365 can save money and increase reliability for some organizations. We can help you understand the cost/benefit balance of moving to SharePoint online and perform the migration.
  • Office 365 integrations
    • SharePoint and Office 365 is a powerful combination. We can help you select the right tools in SharePoint and Office 365 to support your business processes using out of the box solutions like Teams, Planner, and Delve. No customization or code required.