SharePoint Consulting & Development

The vast majority of the Fortune 100 companies leverage Microsoft’s SharePoint platform for information and data organization, collaboration, social connection, workflow automation and more.  With SharePoint Online, those same advantages are now available to much smaller organizations!  We provide the skill sets needed for effective SharePoint consulting: Strategic planning, technical implementation and deployment, functionality implementation, user experience design and development, custom application programming, and workflow development.

Those using Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platform can easily leverage additional capabilities with cloud file sharing (OneDrive) and SharePoint Online. We love helping our clients discover how to take advantage of features like social collaboration, online workflows, and centralized information repositories, which are available to all team members no matter where they are or what device they use. Want your documents on your iPad and your computer? Need to look up key company information from your smart phone? Those solutions, and so many more, are here, now!

“But I know people who hate SharePoint. Why should I try it?”
SharePoint is a massive platform with a robust feature set and therefore it is not an easily adopted solution out of the box, and due to hasty implementations and thoughtless setup, many earlier adopters found more challenge than benefit.

The latest version of SharePoint is a much better, more powerful platform. And more importantly, Greystone has worked to simplify the process and the user experience for you.