Complete IT Management

TotalCare: Comprehensive IT services in a way you’ve never seen before


TotalCare is designed to be the most effective IT services model imaginable. Whether we’re managing your entire IT operation or working alongside your in-house staff, our TotalCare model ensures your technology just works. We serve our customers out of our Denver, Boulder, and Ft. Collins offices.

We deliver IT differently. Instead of a help desk, we provide each client with a dedicated team of  engineers, consultants, and business technology advisers. This team is involved with every issue and opportunity you experience so you never have to go through help desk escalation or explain your situation over and over. It’s is a model that values our relationship with you and the context of your people and business over the needs of the technology.

TotalCare services include:

User & System Support
High level productivity is possible only when the system is functional and the users know how to use it. We support all Microsoft business applications and networking as well as Macintosh, Unix, and Linux environments.

Our network and user support focuses on two primary objectives: 1) to make sure your IT systems just work and 2) to exceed all expectations in the client service experience.

System Administration
Managing your system means more than just fixing what is broken. Our System Administration processes focus on ensuring that nothing breaks. Our 24/7 monitoring system generates immediate alerts for critical system issues that allow us to take action before the problem impacts your employees and your business.

Strategic Planning – The Blueprint
Surprises are rarely a good thing with technology. The Blueprint, our quarterly, 8-part, documented technology planning process, removes the element of surprise and brings a unified vision to managing your business technology.

Vendor Management
Organizations work with an increasing variety of technology-related vendors, but those vendors tend to deflect blame, point fingers and refuse to work as a cohesive technology team. As your IT partner, we communicate with all of your technology vendors and we manage those gaps in communication and responsibility on your behalf.

Business Continuity – TotalRescue
Data loss is nearly inevitable, varying only in degrees of severity and scale.  And so, the question is, how do you get data back and keep working?  TotalRescue is a hybrid on-site/off-site cloud backup solution that ensures business continuity for all types of data loss.

Compliance Management
We remove the mysteries of compliance requirements by providing customized management of IT reporting and auditing to help meet common regulatory standards such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, etc.