Complete IT Management

Over 200 companies rely on us to keep their business running.

We provide IT services for companies across Colorado ranging from 5-10 person companies to acompanies with hundreds of employees. Regardless of size, our approach is the same: give clients dedicated teams that support the business and the people, not just the technology.

We support all aspects of business technology including on premises servers and networking infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, Microsoft Office 365, desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, and business applications like SharePoint and SalesForce.

We deliver teams, not tiers

We deliver IT differently. Instead of a help desk, we provide each client with a dedicated team. The entire team is involved with IT problem you have. No more explaining your situation over and over as your problem gets escalated up the tiers of support. It’s is a model that values our relationship with you and the context of your people and business over the needs of the technology.

Our IT services include:

User & System Support
High level productivity is possible only when the system is functional and the users know how to use it. We support all Microsoft business applications and networking as well as Mac, Unix, and Linux environments.

Our network and user support focuses on two primary objectives: 1) to make sure your IT systems just work and 2) to exceed all expectations in the client service experience.

System Administration
Managing your system means more than just fixing what is broken. Our System Administration processes focus on ensuring that nothing breaks. Our 24/7 monitoring system generates immediate alerts for critical system issues that allow us to take action before the problem impacts your employees and your business.

Strategic Planning – The Blueprint
Surprises are rarely a good thing with technology. The Blueprint, our quarterly, 8-part, documented technology planning process, removes the element of surprise and brings a unified vision to managing your business technology based on business goals and future growth.

Vendor Management

Organizations work with an increasing variety of technology-related vendors, but those vendors tend to deflect blame, point fingers and refuse to work as a cohesive technology team. As your IT partner, we communicate with all of your technology vendors and we manage those gaps in communication and responsibility on your behalf.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

When mission-critical infrastructure fails, every byte of data lost can cost you money. We provide our clients with a variety of on-site, cloud, and hybrid backup solutions to ensure data is readily available and minimize the impact of a disaster. We also help you understand which data is critical and needs to be backed up minute-by-minute and which data doesn’t change and only needs to be backed up occasionally. This ensure you spend your money where it counts.

Security and Compliance Management

Cyber threats and government regulations are constantly evolving. Keeping up is not optional. Our security and compliance practice is focused on keeping your data in the right hands and keeping you out of trouble. We’ll train your employees to recognize a phishing email. We’ll conduct security audits and fix the holes. And we’ll help you prepare for that HIPAA audit.

Application Support

You can’t run on infrastructure alone. Business applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accelerate things for you. We can put them to work. We’ll manage the setup, configuration, business processes, change management and ongoing support. You manage the business.

Projects and Integration

Do you like the sound of “on time” and “within budget?” So do our project managers. They run our IT consulting team tight, ensuring projects stay predictable. So go ahead. Hyperconverge. Take Office to the cloud. Get the right information to the right person at the right time across platforms and lines of business. We are there for you.