Managed Business Continuity

TotalRescue is fully-managed protection for your data and your business functionality. With today’s technology dependent workplace, it’s no longer enough to make sure your data is safely backed up. It needs to be immediately accessible. With TotalRescue, hardware, monitoring, management, and off-site storage is bundled into one consistent flat-fee.

On-site & Off-site Protection
Your data is backed up to a local device (provided by Greystone) each hour. These virtual images of your servers ensure that no data is left behind and that the integrity of the entire dataset remains intact. Each day the latest virtual image is sent off-site to a secure data center allowing peace of mind that your backup data is locally accessible and also redundantly secure. In the case of simple data lost (missing or corrupt files and folders) your data can be recovered in seconds.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
It’s not enough to just know your data is safe. It needs to be useful. In a case of local hardware outage, your virtual server images can be booted on temporary hardware (provided by Greystone) so work can continue while repairs are made. No more time and money spent “rebuilding” the server. In the case of a location based disaster where all hardware has been damaged or removed, your most recent virtual server instances can be booted up directly in the datacenter and accessed remotely.


  • A virtual snapshot of each server is taken hourly and stored on the local backup device
  • A daily virtual snapshot is sent offsite each night to a redundant datacenter
  • Virtual snapshots are stored in the virtual ‘boot-ready’ VMDK format
  • Snapshots are booted each night to test for functionality
  • Images can be mounted and booted on temporary hardware (provided in disaster situations)
  • Images can be booted in the datacenter for cloud-based access in case of infrastructure disaster
  • Hourly snapshots are stored locally for 7 days / Daily snapshots are stored locally for 30 days
  • Offsite snapshots are stored for 7 days
  • Greystone personnel review and monitor all aspects of the TotalRescue process