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Security Bulletin: SyncCrypt Ransomware

  A new ransomware attack has been discovered this week. The SyncCrypt ransomware email is disguised as a court order and is difficult to detect as it pulls components for the attacks from seemingly harmless images when the attachment is opened. Currently, the attackers are charging around $430 for the decryption key and there is… Read more »

Security Snaphot July 3rd

Cleanup continues for NotPetya Many organizations are still rebuilding their server infrastructure after the June 27th attacks that targeted the Ukraine government and soon spread across the world. The payment system for the ‘NotPetya’ ransomware was disabled soon after the attack started, making it impossible to pay the ransom and decrypt infected computers. This means… Read more »

Security Bulletin: NotPetya Ransomware Attack

UPDATED 6/28/2017 14:20 MDT Organizations across the globe -including some in the U.S.- have been struck by the NotPetya ransomware malware. NotPetya initially attacks via a phishing email, exploiting the same vulnerabilities found in un-patched operating systems as the WannaCry attack last May. However, NotPetya also gains administrator access to the network using one of… Read more »