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Fuse Energy

In the summer of 2014, Greystone Technology joined Fuse their Managed Internal Technology Provider. Fuse Energy is a Denver based oil and gas company, focused on exploration and production. They have three locations in Colorado and Texas. We were able to offer not only more technical and consultative value than a traditional in-house department but more cost efficient as well.  

To keep it all connected together and communicating with each other, a private network was established between all three locations, with dedicated bandwidth and Quality of Service guaranteed for their business applications.  To ensure all of the data is protected, Greystone provided their Business Continuity solution, TotalRescue.  “We know they cannot afford any downtime,” said Greystone’s Director of Professional Services, Travis Hankins, “so we’ve deployed TotalRescue, our on-site and off-site imaged-based backup offering.  This will allow us to rebuild a server in a matter of hours, rather than days.”


As their technology partner we focused on the ability for remote access,allowing all on-site and field staff a secure connection to the network while on the road. We established a high availability network in the Denver office along with redundant servers and networking infrastructure to keep productivity flowing. 

Hotspots were deployed at well sites to allow workers to record well data to their mobile devices directly from the well.  Oil and gas industry-specific software solutions were deployed, as well, including:  ClearSCADA by Schneider Electric, WellView and ProdView, by Peleton, and Petra by IHS.  Greystone also set up numerous database engines by Oracle and Microsoft to host and organize the data.


Things we did:

  • Set up a high availability network in Denver office
  • Set up remote access for employees to access a full windows desktop environment from any connected device
  • Assisted with implementation of their Clear Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system
  • Office 365 management
  • Set up a backup solution
  • Set up a private network between their three locations

Technical Profile

  • Set up multiple database engines: Oracle, MS, and SQL Servers
  • Deployed Petra:  Allows them to use GIS data
  • Implemented a Clear SCADA system
  • Line of Business Application:  Hotspot on the oil well, takes that information and Clear SCADA communicates that information real time
  • VMWare Horizon View

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