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Prosci’s Customers Were Confused

Prosci had a major web challenge on their hands – a change was in order. The company, an industry leader with a strong reputation, helps businesses and professionals embrace and adopt change. Prosci conducts all business online so when they approached us with two outdated and disconnected websites, we knew this project would be far from simple. To make matters worse, the majority of visitors ended up at their non-branded, discombobulated website. As Prosci’s customers became increasingly confused online, leadership knew, if the company was to survive, that their website had to change – and change in a big way.

Prosci’s goal was to fix their customer’s experience from start to finish. They knew they needed a partner who could take their unique business needs and objectives into account and tailor an experience that would not only improve their online experience, but enhance it and help the company grow.

Understand, learn, and propose

Fixing Prosci’s problem wasn’t going to be simple. Their complicated sales funnel and need for advanced functionality required our team at Greystone to dig in and understand the business. We asked a lot of questions. Without a thorough understanding of Prosci’s business, our team would have never been able to lend our expertise and insight to the situation. For four months, we interviewed stakeholders to learn exactly what Prosci needed and how it operated. After a thorough assessment utilizing our Grey Areas (Greystone’s unique way of learning as much as possible), we proposed these main goals:

  • Merge two websites into one that has the tools necessary to convert prospects effectively
  • Improve website usability and the user experience
  • Develop a custom solution that seamlessly integrates technology into the business work flows
  • Integrate with a new ERP system, being launched simultaneously

Solve, but don't forget the SEO

We offered Prosci an answer to a complex, interdisciplinary problem along with their desired outcome. We merged their two outdated sites into one high performing, user-friendly site. Additionally, we built an ecommerce system that was capable of handling two different product workflows. The site integrated seamlessly with Prosci’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, inbound marketing software and existing customer portal. We even gained a few bonus points for improving usability and ease of use for front end users.

At launch, however, we knew we couldn’t ignore Prosci’s outstanding SEO performance. It had to be transferred from the old site to the new. Our team devised a plan that allowed Prosci to move easily from one web platform to the next without any SEO hiccup. We then topped off the rest of the project with content strategy, technical SEO (content mapping, permanent redirects and more), website analytics and tracking as well as general SEO enhancements for the site.

Smooth, but with a wrinkle

A job like this is never complete without a touch of dramatic flair and Prosci’s had even more than that. As we approached go-live and were ready to launch with minimal downtime, we discovered at the last minute that the SSL certificate provider hadn’t come through as planned. An SSL is required for operating an online store so this setback threatened both functionality and customer security. We were faced with a big, “What now?” moment.

At Greystone, we use a SCRUM (or agile) based process for major projects like this, allowing us to, ahead of time, plan for unforeseen problems. This one, as serious as it was, didn’t stop us. Working side-by-side with Prosci’s team, and a few extra cups of coffee, we were able to get a new SSL from a different provider.

We like results just as much as our customers do

We could hear the audible sigh of relief as the SSL certificate came through. The site went live, successfully integrating Prosci’s ERP software and effective SEO redirects. Everything went according to plan and we think the outcomes speak for themselves:

  • maintained and improved its SEO—89% of targeted keywords rank in the first page of Google
  • increased micro and macro transactions to help attribute customer engagement to the procurement process
  • saw an increase in the average time spent on the website by 43 minutes
  • successfully redirected and maintained thought leadership positioning
  • saw an increase in pages visited per session by 432%

No more complaints

Prosci’s customers are no longer confused when visiting They now feel comfortable with the credibility and trustworthiness of the Prosci brand. Gone is the complicated buying process. Gone are the two disconnected websites. Now, customers get exactly what they expect from an industry leader.

The Prosci team continues to build their online presence; the company itself is in an even better position to provide change management help. Greystone is proud to have worked with Prosci on this important project. We can’t wait to help them continue to grow and reach even more people who are struggling to change and adapt.

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