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SEMA wanted to showcase their quality

Despite years of proven quality and integrity, SEMA Construction was not perceived as an aspirational or global company. They needed a way to digitally showcase their brand values and their desire to grow, while conveying the art of making an empty dirt lot into something much more intriguing. As a trusted and forward-looking contractor with a lackluster digital presence, SEMA approached Greystone to overhaul their online image and perception so that it mirrored the same level of quality that they provide to their clients on each job site.

Digging Through Dirt to Find Clarity

The collaborative discovery process between SEMA and Greystone began with a directed dialogue between SEMA leadership and Greystone’s web design, development and digital marketing teams. We asked intentional questions, often times more than once, to understand what the ideal outcome ultimately needed to look like. After a thorough assessment of the Grey Area (Greystone’s unique way of learning as much as possible about a client), we began working with these goals in mind:

  • Communicate the brand’s quality and integrity using intentional visual elements
  • Integrate web tools that continually monitor and evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of both the website and of marketing efforts
  • Have the ability to quickly and easily manage, update and improve content after project completion

Generating the Blueprint

By performing an initial digital audit of SEMA Construction that included audience, traffic, and search analyses, Greystone identified a formal set of strategic recommendations to drive web design and development. Because nearly one third of their site traffic came via mobile devices, we needed to create a mobile responsive site that loaded quickly. We saw the greatest opportunity in improving site optimization and the overall user experience. We knew SEMA had great content, but we wanted the user to experience it quickly and easily right off the bat.

To improve the user experience we restructured all website content, including a simplified site map and navigation menu. For example, we took a comprehensive approach to clarify their confusing “Contact Us” page, which listed all physical SEMA locations around the country. As our web team worked to redesign the page with an interactive map, our digital marketing team updated and synced all of SEMA’s online local listings by manually verifying each physical location. That way, when the site relaunched, the information found on the “Contact Us” page site was completely aligned with Google’s local search listings. These changes, along with their redesigned webpage, improved the site’s ease of use.

Breaking Ground for Audience Engagement

When you build a building, it’s difficult to visualize without a blueprint plan in hand. By understanding that people are visual by nature, we aimed to increase audience engagement by utilizing high quality photos and videos throughout the new website. This drew visitors in, engaging them in longer sessions as they explored the site’s content.

Thanks to reworked core messaging and branding, visitors now clearly understand where to find the information they are looking for. Not only did the revised messaging better communicate SEMA’s prided market position, but users were able to clearly flow from one page to another.

While the web design team built the site’s backend functionality, our digital marketing team honed in on increasing online traffic to build SEMA’s online visibility. We:

  • Optimized on-page SEO for non-branded terms
  • Updated all website content
  • Updated content on social media pages
  • Improved Google page indexing by executing linking strategies and a restructured site map
  • Implemented Google Analytics and a few other management tools, allowing their team to easily manage, analyze and execute on their online performance

Paving a Future Path

We were especially excited when SEMA’s final product was unveiled. Not only did Greystone finish with overall project satisfaction, but also with the satisfaction of knowing that collaborating across our departmental teams is our best tool when used appropriately. Completing SEMA’s website initiated a change in how Greystone approaches all new projects, as we now understand the power of sharing perspectives and diverse skills when tackling any new client project.

After providing WordPress training to the management team, SEMA Construction has shifted into high gear. While the new website is a key driver of catapulting the company into a phase of growth and expansion, it also communicates and maintains their integrity and quality to the online community. We are a proud business partner of SEMA Construction and can’t wait to see what opportunities come their way in the future.

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