The “Work IT” Series of Images

Some time back we gathered all of the Greystoners together for a photo shoot with the fine folks at Harper Point Photography.  And it was an absolute blast!

While our primary goal was to gather images for our web site and marketing efforts, we were also “blessed” with numerous images of our people just plain “working it.”  It’s hilarious to see the quirks of personality that percolate to the surface once that camera starts clicking.

We knew these images were fun, but we weren’t quite sure where they fit… they were probably just a little too silly for our primary web site, but they were too good to not use somewhere, somehow, someway…

And then it all came clear!  We realized they would be perfect to promote our job postings through our social media outlets (You know… “work it” could also mean IT, like IT services… get it? get it?)!  And so, over the last month, as business has been booming, we’ve been using these images to drive traffic from social media to our Careers page.

With the (sometimes hesitant) permission of our people, we’ve used these images and they’ve been received incredibly well… We hope you enjoy them, too!