3 Quick Tips for Using Office 365 More Effectively

3 Quick Tips on Using Office 365 More Effective

Have you taken the plunge and moved your email and files to cloud, in particular Office 365? Microsoft continues to invest heavily in their Office 365 cloud platform; and they currently have 70 million “active” users, representing about 6 percent of its total 1.2 billion Office users.*

With their continued improvements on this platform we thought it would be beneficial to highlight three quick and practical tips to manage your busy work day while making the most of Office 365.

Be a File Ninja with One Drive for Business

Travel is almost synonymous with expanding your business, and while it’s invaluable for meeting clients or attending conferences, it can be challenging to stay in sync with reports and presentations that are being created back at the office. With OneDrive for Business, you have the ability to quickly pull up files and media on your laptop, mobile phone, or tablet while you are away from the office. Plus, with OneDrive for business your documents are backed up and protected. For example:

  • What if you happen to spill this summer’s hot new frappuccino on your laptop during that important conference in Washington DC? With Office 365 you can quickly sign in on another device and pick up right where you left off.
  • Heading back on the red-eye flight from Washington DC and need to work on the Sales Proposal you started while you were in the office last week? OneDrive for Business helps you solve this problem by providing offline access to your synced files allowing you to get work done on your own time and not just when you have network connectivity.
  • For large ongoing projects, instead of sending a handful of different documents back and forth with clients you can sign into OneDrive for Business and quickly share a folder with a client so that you both have the most up to date documents.

Stay Engaged with Colleagues by Using Outlook

Like many people, most of our days is spent in Outlook emailing clients, setting up meetings, viewing the team calendar and sending and receiving the latest documents. With Outlook 2016 and Office 365 you have the ability to ensure your productivity & engagement never waivers. For example:

  • Sending large documents to the remote office team and don’t want to flood their inbox with emails? Share those documents as a OneDrive cloud attachments to make changes and collaborate in real time without having to send the files back and forth.
  • Use Outlook Groups to ensure your team can see all related info—email, meetings, calls, notes, files, tasks, deals, and deadlines—in a conveniently focused section in Outlook. With this feature, you can ensure that all your team members have the most up to date information without having to play catch up.

Keep the Conversations Going No Matter Where You Are

Regardless of where your team is, staying connected and aligned with business priorities and processes is key. With Skype for Business, you can quickly turn a quick message into an audio call to resolve any issues that may arise

Skype can help bridge the distance between teams or clients by:

  • Don’t just talk about the issue, have a truly interactive meeting by sharing your screen and annotating a document as if you and your team were sitting in the same room together. You then can share that session with team members that couldn’t attend the meeting to ensure everyone is in alignment.
  • Help drive connections and relationships with clients through video calls. Enjoy full HD video for online meetings with automatic cropping and head tracking that instill trust and confidence in clients.

Whether it’s quickly accessing your files, staying productive using Outlook or conducting an HD video call using Skype for Business; the team here at Greystone Technology is ready to provide guidance on the full feature set of Office 365 to ensure you get the most out of your day.



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