Microsoft PrintNightmare Vulnerability Information

Recently a zero-day vulnerability affecting Microsoft Windows print spooler was uncovered. The vulnerability, known as PrintNightmare, is considered serious. A zero-day vulnerability simply means that this threat was completely unknown prior to this point and thus no patch exists to fix it.

Following the initial discovery of this Microsoft has announced a patch to address this issue. You can find more info on the specifics of that patch here at the Microsoft security response center.

Current Greystone Technology clients do not have to worry about manually updating their systems as our patching systems will automatically patch your devices when we determine it is safe to deploy.

This recent vulnerability follows several other high-profile security incidents this year at Micorosft including the solar winds hack and the Hafnium exchange server hack. Unfortunately, cybersecurity threats like these are likely to continue for the foreseeable future. To secure your business against threats like these contact us today or learn more about our Common Sense cybersecurity services here.