Greystone Volunteers With The Fort Collins Rescue Mission

Last Friday we were able to do something that we have not been able to do in a while, volunteer in person with the Fort Collins Rescue Mission! The Rescue Mission allowed us to come and serve a meal Friday night and it truly was a rewarding experience. After we finished serving the meal each person made sure to stop by and say thanks. Being able to genuinely help someone in need is a priceless feeling.

We know it is cliche to celebrate the “return to normal” but we missed being able to do this in person.
Volunteering has a ton of benefits beyond the obvious impact of giving back.  The focus of volunteering is helping those in need, obviously. But, it’s okay to acknowledge that volunteering is also positive for the volunteer!

Volunteering can be a great way for people who may not work on the same team to get to know each other as well as feel more connected to their communities. Looking to volunteer? Check out volunteering with the Fort Collins Rescue Mission here! The Fort Collins Rescue Mission makes volunteering easy by offering easy to commit to 2-3 hour volunteering opportunities for small groups.