Volunteering with Rocky Mountain Conservancy

What is the Rocky Mountain Conservancy

For many people when they hear Colorado they think of the rocky mountains. Whether it is the incredible activities you can do in the mountains year-round like skiing, hiking, climbing, and biking. Or just simply appreciating the majestic backdrop of the mountains when visiting the front range. It is safe to say that the mountains are a part of this state’s DNA.

With so many beautiful sights to see and fun activities to do the mountains of Colorado attract visitors from all over the world. This is especially true for one of the most iconic sections of the Colorado rocky mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park. Did you know that in 2019 the park was visited by 4,670,054 people? That is almost the same amount of people who live in the entire state of Colorado!

With so many people coming to take in the beautiful sights and sounds of Rocky Mountain National Park it is inevitable that those people will have an impact. Whether it is the accidental dropping of a few granola bar wrappers from your backpack, or going off-trail that impact is tangible.

That is where Rocky Mountain Conservancy comes in! Founded in 1931 the Rocky Mountain Conservancy is a nonprofit organization that supports Rocky Mountain National Park. From cleaning up trash around popular trails to trail maintenance or invasive plant species prevention the conservancy is there to support the park.

Our volunteer day with Rocky Mountain Conservancy

Here at Greystone Technology, we believe in giving back to the communities that we work in and live in. Unfortunately, the pandemic put a hold on a majority of our volunteering. Although we still found a way to volunteer remotely with the incredible organization STEMblazers. As a result, we were incredibly excited to be able to restart our volunteering in 2021 with an organization that we have volunteered with in the past Rocky Mountain Conservancy.

For this volunteering opportunity, we worked with the conservancy to help clean up trash from a very popular area of the park, Hidden Valley. This area of the park is home to the jr rangers program and is a great place for families. With easy hiking trails and interactive lessons on nature for children, this section of the park is well trafficked. In addition to the fun summer activities, Hidden Valley is the location of an old ski resort. This makes it popular in the wintertime as well with backcountry skiers and families sledding. All of this unfortunately means there is a fair amount of trash in this area. Luckily for future visitors, the conservancy is there to assist with these sorts of activities and we spent the whole day picking up!  The Rocky Mountain Conservancy does amazing work and you can help support them in that. By joining the conservancy or making a one-time donation you help ensure the park stays pristine.