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State and local governments have unique IT needs.  Your organization likely is balancing the need to be efficient and nimble while also maintaining legacy systems and processes.  Design applications create issues for distributed offices and cloud platforms still don’t provide for all of your legacy needs.  If you’re sitting in between the past and the future, your IT department needs to drive that balance with common business sense and technology aptitude.  An increased need to focus on security now makes IT one of the top 3 challenges for any government organization.

Most government organizations employ their own IT department when they feel their specific needs are too complex for IT outsourcing.  Internal IT teams struggle to keep up with quick moving technology and security.  Greystone’s model focuses on cost-effective services specialized for you.  We provide the Most Effective IT, Period.

Key areas of Greystone’s Local and State Government expertise:

  • Budgeting process and financial parameters
  • Purchasing & RFP process requirements
  • Municipal department integration and systems management
  • Board of Directors and City Council management and support
  • Grant participation
  • Records retention
  • Cybersecurity

Supporting Non-Profits through Technology

IT support for Non-profit organizations requires more than just great technical knowledge.  Your IT service partner needs to deliver the right balance of strategy, consistency, and convenience to ensure IT operations support your vision.

For IT projects, IT strategy, or full IT outsourcing, Greystone understands the keys to success in the not-for-profit industry.  We deeply align with you and your mission.  We understand the nuances of organizations supported by donations, grants, and other fundraising.  Successful non-profit IT goes far beyond just the technology.  A strong understanding of budgeting, governance, and board operations allows us to provide The Most Effective IT, Period to your organization.

Key areas of Greystone’s Non-profit Industry expertise:

  • Budgeting process and financial parameters
  • Fundraising processes and systems management
  • Board of Directors Management
  • Grant participation
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