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Manufacturing and distribution companies have unique IT needs.  Your organization likely is balancing the need to be efficient and nimble while also maintaining legacy systems and processes.  If you’re sitting in between the past and the future, your IT department needs to drive that balance with common business sense and technology aptitude.  An increased need to focus on security now makes IT one of the top 3 challenges for any manufacturing organization.

Many manufacturing organizations struggle to know where to make IT investments that will give the return needed.   Internal IT teams struggle to keep up with quick moving technology and security.  Greystone’s model focuses on cost-effective services specialized for you.  We provide the Most Effective IT, Period.

Key areas of Greystone’s Manufacturing and Distribution expertise:

  • Plant operations
  • CNC machines and industrial equipment
  • Barcoding and wireless handheld scanning
  • Isolated test networks or benches
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