Companies are taking a beating from cyberattacks, but there are ways to stay safe.


It has been a rough first half of 2018 for cybersecurity professionals. Two of the higher profile cyberattacks are still in the news and still racking up costs. The City of Atlanta was devastated after a SamSam ransomware attack knocked nearly all digital services out of commission. Closer to home, the Colorado Department of Transportation… Read more »

TotalCare Service Updates We are increasing security and productivity with four service enhancements.  Watch the video and explore below to learn more.  We will reach out to you before the end of the week to discuss your needs. 1. Additional security layers in TotalCare We’ll provide a Common Sense security policyYou need an internal cyber security policy. … Read more »

Tech Terms: Digital Transformation

Digital transformation or optimization?

This week our tech term is not really a technical term, it is more of a marketing concept used to sell products and services. The term is Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is like “The Cloud” was ten years ago: a straightforward and simple concept that has been around for some time, hyped up… Read more »