Four training questions to combat employee disengagement

Training and employee engagement

Most organizations are focused on increasing employee satisfaction and team productivity. Can employee training make a difference? Team members can lose interest in their job or company for many reasons. With the right motivation to become knowledgeable and more engaged with their tools and resources, this loss of interest and behavior can be eliminated. Technical… Read more »

Tech Terms: Azure/AWS

No sooner does someone say “cloud” than I.T. folks start yelling “Azure!” and “AWS!”. You might be talking about the weather on a cloudy day; you will still be inundated with a flood of these words. So what are Azure and AWS, and why are technologists so excited about them? Azure and AWS are the… Read more »

International Women’s Day

Today (March 8th) is International Women’s Day, a day that recognizes women’s achievements while calling for gender equality all over the world. According to , this day “started by the Suffragettes in the early 1900’s, and the first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911. International Women’s Day belongs to all communities everywhere –… Read more »

Is Office 365 the HIPAA solution for healthcare practices?

Office 365 and HIPAA

By moving to Microsoft’s Office 365 online, you have immediate access to a platform that can meet a majority of your HIPAA compliance data needs. But as you may guess, it doesn’t end there, and it’s not that simple. However, it’s not that scary either! Understanding the business case for using Office 365 tools will… Read more »

Microsoft Teams – Collaboration and Teamwork Made Easy!

With all the meetings, appointments, projects, and communication needed to be successful in fast-paced work environments, Teams is a great Microsoft Application that can support you and your company in becoming more organized and creating team cohesion. The challenging part about keeping organized is that often there are several types of software needed to complete… Read more »

Tech Terms: Managed Services

Tech jargon can be a headache

I.T. has a unique dialect that speeds communication amongst technology professionals but can be incomprehensible to those outside the industry. In this series, we’ll try to decipher tech talk so you can understand the conversation and make better decisions. Todays term is Managed Services. Managed Services and Managed Services Provider(MSP) Managed services in IT refers… Read more »

The Three Biggest Intranet Mistakes Most Companies Make

planning your company intranet

A well designed and implemented intranet can be a powerful productivity tool for your company, making it easier for people to find the information they need to get their jobs done and to collaborate with others in the organization. Unfortunately, many corporate intranets end up being underutilized and stuffed to the point of being unusable.… Read more »

The REAL Business Technology Stories of 2018

technology hype

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was last month in Las Vegas, and the “life-changing” hyperbole reached epidemic, perhaps even pandemic, levels. Industry analysts and technology pundits alike are babbling about yet another season of smart cars, smart homes, televisions as big as walls, data that is, well, big, and the perennial alphabet soup of favorites like AI,… Read more »