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Courses on productivity

How many times do you start your day wondering how you’ll be able to get everything done? Between the meetings, projects, and team communication, the demands on our time are greater than ever. This course set will help you use the resources that you already have more intelligently, resulting in increased efficiency. During this series of courses, you will gain a better understanding of how to utilize these applications to get those tasks, presentation, and projects across the finish line.

Courses on collaboration

We have all heard the saying two heads are better than one… with the resources within Office 365, you have the ability to make that saying come to life. During this course series, you will learn different ways of communicating, collaborating on documents and projects, and keeping everyone organized in one convenient place.

Courses on organization

There are many resources within Office 365 that can help keep you organized. The more you understand how these applications integrate, the more structured and efficient you can be throughout your work life. During this course series, we will cover how you can use the tools at your fingertips to engage with others, create purposeful checklists for the future, and feel more structured in keeping and delivering information.

Courses on business analysis

There is power to understanding data and even more power in being able to deliver statistics to others about ways you have positively impacted your business. In addition, understanding where gaps exist and allows for meaningful conversation around correcting them. During this course series, you will take a deep dive to understanding analytics in a new way.

Courses on security

Cyber attacks are growing in number and are harder than ever to detect. While there are tools that can help protect your organization, your staff are your most vulnerable point. This cybersecurity training is designed to help your employees recognize cyber attacks like phishing, spear-phishing, and ransomware and how to avoid common cybersecurity mistakes.


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