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Denver IT Support

Denver IT support services are quickly becoming integral to the success of many small and mid level businesses. IT management services allow businesses to save on overhead, rather than employing a full time IT staff member or a multi-member team, outsourced IT support provides all the benefits of a computer IT team at a fraction of the cost.

IT support from Greystone comes with a flat rate package that covers all of your needs. This package not only repairs technology programs and helps your computers run efficiently, but also considers how well your technology is working for your business. Our Denver IT support team looks closely at your software, your hardware, your servers, your databases, and all other technological elements and makes sure each element of your IT department plays a role in the success of your business and the satisfaction of your clients. At Greystone Technology Group, we don’t just work with technology, we merge technology with business and produce success.

Apple / Macintosh Computer Support

Greystone Technology Group also provides Business IT Support and networking services for Apple / Macintosh computers, too!  Recent iterations of Apple’s powerful OSX operating system allow for much better connection to Microsoft’s server products.  Mac Mail works with Microsoft Exchange 2008 and up.  Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 includes, for the first time, an Apple version of Outlook.  Many of our clients are taking advantage of these technologies to use their favorite Apple product in conjunction with their business needs!

Denver IT Planning

We all know that when it comes to business, you can’t exactly just dive right in. Instead, you have to carefully plan all aspects involved, including IT planning and services.

As computers, e-mail, databases, and the Internet play  an increasingly important role in the success of companies, careful IT planning becomes an essential element to businesses. Greystone Technology Group are well versed Denver IT strategy consultants who understand the ideas that work and those that often fail. We also understand that IT planning services cannot be mainstreamed: there is no “set equation” that proves successful for every single company in existence. Rather, IT services for each business must be as unique as the business itself.

We know that your company has certain goals. We know that your employees and managers have individual desires and understand you have a certain level of success you want to obtain. We also understand how integral working technology is to your business. With our Denver IT strategy, we make sure that every aspect of your technology not only works, but works towards this desired success. We plan ahead, to plan on achievement.

Denver Computer Networking

Nowadays, our lives are run by computers. We use them at home, in public, and rely on them in our businesses. This reliance on computers makes computer network management not only important to the success of your company, but also highly essential.

When you outsource your IT needs to Greystone Technology group, you get a Denver computer networking team that is all-inclusive. For a flat rate, we take care of all your Information Technology needs. From the simple to the complex, our Denver based network management team are available to help make your business run more smoothly.

Our Computer Networking team also understands that Information Technology is more than a way to send email or make spreadsheets. We understand that proper use of Information Technology can help businesses grow and obtain levels of success never imagined.

We want to see your business thrive. That is why we work with each company on an individual basis and consider your unique wants and needs before we make a plan of action. Once we know what kind of success you are after, we can help you get there.

IT Outsourcing Denver

For Colorado small businesses, we know that recent times have been tough. We also know that companies and businesses need a way to save money. One of the best ways to do this is to cut down on the cost of overhead.

Denver IT outsourcing services allow you to greatly reduce your overhead. There is no IT team to pay, no company benefits to supplement. Rather, when you outsource IT to Greystone Technology Group you get all the advantages of a knowledgeable, well versed IT department for simple, flat rate.

Denver IT outsourcing is quickly catching on with busineseses of all sizes. The reason for this is simple: when you outsource IT you get gets results. An IT outsource company takes care of all your Internet and computer needs. This not only includes things like maintenance and repair, but it also involves technology planning and business planning.

Greystone Technology provides IT outsource services with an understanding of how much your business relies on your technology, and helps you to develop a unique technology plan that works for the individual needs of your company. We believe that successful technology is the kind that helps a business reach the next level.

We ensure your technology has a purpose
We provide a Dedicated Consultant
We offer a Flat Fee Guarantee
We don’t push products
We work the way you work

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