4 Ways to Use Email to Vacation Better

Relax better with email rules

Don’t look now, but we are already half way through the summer vacation season. Unfortunately for many of us, the pain of returning to work to overflowing inboxes almost makes taking a vacation not worth it. In fact, 54% of Americans reported not using all their vacation days. This is unfortunate because to remain creative… Read more »

Security Snaphot July 3rd

Cleanup continues for NotPetya Many organizations are still rebuilding their server infrastructure after the June 27th attacks that targeted the Ukraine government and soon spread across the world. The payment system for the ‘NotPetya’ ransomware was disabled soon after the attack started, making it impossible to pay the ransom and decrypt infected computers. This means… Read more »

June Tech for Non-technical Leaders meetup

On Thursday June 22nd, Greystone Technology hosted our first monthly event for the meetup group Technology for Non Technical Business Leaders. This month’s discussion focused on Internet of Things (IoT) in the business. We were honored to have Jake Rishavy, VP of Innovation for Denver South and co-founder of Prime Health and TechrIoT as our… Read more »

Security Bulletin: NotPetya Ransomware Attack

UPDATED 6/28/2017 14:20 MDT Organizations across the globe -including some in the U.S.- have been struck by the NotPetya ransomware malware. NotPetya initially attacks via a phishing email, exploiting the same vulnerabilities found in un-patched operating systems as the WannaCry attack last May. However, NotPetya also gains administrator access to the network using one of… Read more »

Get productive with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote

Accelerating business

Note taking apps like Evernote and Microsoft’s OneNote make organizing and managing your life easy. One feature that can make these applications even more useful is the ability to save emails as notes directly from your email program. Here are some scenarios where this feature is helpful: If you are about to go on a… Read more »

Technology is NOT a Department

IT is no longer a department. Leaders across the organization are making strategic decisions about buying and using technology. CMO’s own marketing automation platforms, the VP of HR owns applicant tracking systems, and facility managers are collecting massive amounts of data from building automation tools. To be effective, these business leaders must have an understanding… Read more »

SharePoint Fest 2017

Using SharePoint to drive collaboration and business productivity

Last week Greystone Technology had the opportunity to attend Denver SharePoint Fest 2017 at the Colorado Convention Center. SharePoint Fest is an annual event held around the United States that allows SharePoint administrators, software developers, information architects and power users to learn how to leverage SharePoint in their current environments whether that be on-premise SharePoint or… Read more »

SharePoint Online: Improvements to Admin Center

During the BUILD ’17 conference, Microsoft announced some significant changes to the SharePoint admin center within Office 365. From the homepage, you will notice a much cleaner interface, along with interactive usage reports. Microsoft is also releasing a Service Health Dashboard that is tuned to the needs of SharePoint administrations based on their workflows and… Read more »