‘Tis The Season For Gift Giving, and For Scams.

Each year, more people are skipping the lines at the malls and opting to order gifts online. With the increase in online ordering and package delivery, the door is open to phishing scams that use the brands of well-known delivery companies like UPS to get past our scam radar. The scammers are sending emails (called phishing) that appear to be… Read more »

Giving Back: A Volunteer’s Story With a Horse Named Flo

Our Denver based Tech Engineer, Kleyda Miller, has a passion for horses and being outdoors.  Below is her experience with our Volunteer Time Off (VTO) initiative with one organization in particular.  In July of this year, I went with a group of Greystone employees to volunteer at Growing Colorado Kids (GCK).  This unique, grassroots organization… Read more »

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Technology in 2017

HIPAA, Cybersecurity, and Technology: What 2017 means for Healthcare companies.    Healthcare organizations are in the precarious position of balancing patient experience, doctor productivity, security, and compliance. Patients are demanding more access to their data via apps and websites. Healthcare professionals need greater access to tools and information to provide the best care for their… Read more »

Announcing $2M in funding from Cypress Growth Capital!

Peter Melby and Jesse Armstrong founded Greystone in 2001. Since that time we hit some significant milestones. The first was moving out of Jesse’s apartment and moving into a real office space. Then we acquired companies, added locations, and moved offices. In this latest evolution of Greystone, we have partnered with Cypress Growth Capital. This… Read more »

What does omnichannel mean for the health care marketer?

Omnichannel marketing can have a profound impact on a clinic’s ability deliver an excellent customer experience while driving marketing and sales effectiveness. Potential customers engage with organizations in a variety of ways across many channels as they move from awareness to purchase. Omnichannel marketing uses integrated technology to deliver a consistent, progressive experience across those… Read more »

The Hidden Dangers Lurking in the Internet Connected Home

Two weeks ago, there was a record-breaking DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack that utilized 145,000 compromised security cameras and DVR’s to take down the security news website http://krebsonsecurity.com. On Friday, October  21st, there was another DDoS attack targeting Dyn, a major DNS provider. This attack crippled many popular websites and services.  Details are still scarce,… Read more »

Finding Focus in the Age of Interruption – Part 2

In the first post of this series we discussed the pitfalls of living during this amazing era of technology revolution. In addition to tremendous benefits, this revolution has brought with it endless interruptions. Notifications are inundating us with distraction. Pop-ups from social media, new emails and game-mechanic driven apps are ever present. Add to that the fact… Read more »