Kristy Biermann Employee Spotlight

Here at Greystone, culture is important to us. We believe that being intentional about our culture and who we hire has led to some of the absolute best people in the industry working here. Which ultimately translates into a better service experience for our clients!

From consultants, engineers, and web developers to client success leaders, sales professionals, marketers, and HR representatives, we will explore all the people that make us who we are. Follow along in this series so you can get to know us a little bit better and find out what makes Greystone tick.

This month meet Kristy Biermann Director of Professional Services

Name: Kristy Biermann

What’s your role: Director of Professional Services

How long have you been employed at Greystone Technology: a little over 5 years

What made you initially want to work here, and what makes you want to stay: “I was new to Colorado and I was looking for an entry-level job at a good company. I found Greystone after doing some searching and after reading all the amazing reviews on Glassdoor and all the amazing things people had to say about working here, the culture, and opportunities I decided to apply!”

“What makes me want to stay are the people I get to work with both on my team and as clients as well as the fact that everything that was said in those Glassdoor reviews turned out to be true. The people who I get to work with on a daily basis are smart, caring, empathetic people who are passionate about helping solve problems for people.” “Additionally I have had opportunities to grow professionally at Greystone, and I also appreciate our commitment to continuous improvement across all of our service lines.”

Tell us about a time when you worked hard to understand a client’s unique needs and went above and beyond their expectations: “About 3 years ago a women’s health services provider came to us needing to do a pretty extensive overhaul of their infrastructure as well as migrate their data from their previous managed services provider. The client was anxious about these projects due to the sensitive nature of the data as well as concerns over disruptions to daily operations. After listening to the client’s concerns as a team we were able to come up with a strategy for tackling these projects that would have minimal impacts on daily operations, and we were able to successfully migrate all of their data without any major bumps in the road. At the end of the day the client was very satisfied with the outcome of the project, and it was rewarding for myself to be able to alleviate some of their anixieties around technology and enable them to focus on supporting women’s health.”

What’s the most rewarding part of your job: “Showing up for people, and improving their technology experience, whether it is my team or clients I love being able to make things happen for people and change their opinion on technology and IT companies.”

When you think of Greystone’s culture, what 3 words come to mind: energetic, agile, welcoming

What are some of your hobbies outside of work: Mountain Biking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, hanging with my dog, all of the incredible outdoor activities and hobbies that you can do in Colorado.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself: I was a dog trainer at an animal shelter for 3 years!